Modifications to amplifiers covers a wide range of topics - everything from tone cap mods, transformer swaps, adding circuits, etc.  There are lots of mods out there on the web as well for certain amps. 

Call me with what you want to do and lets talk about it.  Remember, I can guarantee the work, but I cant guarantee that you’ll like the tone of some mod you saw on The Gear Page!  Its an experiment in tone for you, but I still charge by the hour.  If you let me know what tonal change you want, I can usually tell you how to get headed in that direction.  

Caveat:  I sometimes get requests that go like this:  “I have a duck, and I’m kind of attached to the duck, but I think I’d like it better if it was a cat.  Can you turn the duck into a cat?”  Well, maybe.  Sometimes yes, sometimes not really, but even if its possible, its going to be part and labor (especially labor) intensive, and cost a lot.  Although I’m doing this to make money, obviously, I’d tell you that you are better off selling the duck and getting a cat.  The duck will be worth more as a duck, and the cat will cost less to buy than turning the duck into a cat.  If that’s the case I’ll let you know, and keep in mind I’m doing it to save you time and money!


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