Improperly cut nut slots can cause all kinds of problems.  If they are cut too high, they make the guitar difficult to play in lower positions or go out of tune when you fret at lower positions.  If they are cut too low, the guitar will buzz when open strings are played.

If the slots are too thin for the string gauge you are using, the strings will bind in the nut and cause the guitar to go out of tune frequently.  If too wide, the string will move around in the slot causing tuning and tone issues.  

If you are having any of those problems, or are just changing string gauges, I can solve them for you.  Often the nut will not have to be replaced. 

If you do need a replacement nut, new composite nut materials (Graphtech, Slipstone)  can help you stay in tune much better, especially if your guitar has a trem system or a Gibson style headstock where the strings go to tuning pegs at an angle. 

Call me if you think you might be having those problems or if you just want to go to a different nut material!


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