Ever wonder how to get that certain sound that is in your head?  You might like the tone that a certain artist gets, but how do you get there, and how do you do it without spending a mint?

The answer:  you need to have access to someone that has that information and is willing to share it with you.  That’s where I can help out.   Over the years, I have purchased a lot of different gear and through hours and hours of playing have familiarized myelf with the sound and the technical specs of that gear.  I’m not going to lie to you to try to sell you something. 

I charge for the information, but you will save money in the long run because you’ll get an honest, helpful answer and avoid having to go through 10 guitars, 10 amps, and 50 pedals to find what you need.

Q:  Can’t I just go to the music store and ask them? 
A:  You can, but, more likely than not you’ll get a sales pitch aimed at getting you to spend money in the store.

Q:  But aren’t music stores experts on what they sell?
A:  The vast majority are not. 

Often times, they use sales staff who know very little about music gear other than how to push it out the door.  I’ve seen stores claim to be ‘experts’ or ‘the most knowledgeable’, even putting it in their ads, when they are employing the cheapest labor they can find. The moral of the story here is, never assume that because someone works in a music store, they are an expert about musical equipment. 

Q:  Aren’t there any decent stores with knowledgeable and honest employees left?
A: In this age of deep discounts, there aren’t very many, but fortunately there are a few. 

The problem is, knowledge isn’t free.  Those who really have it can’t give it away for free, because you can’t spend that much time and money on something just to give it away.  Price competition in music retail is fierce with the current heavy discount climate and consumers evaluating purely on price.  When stores are barely making any margin, it’s hard to provide good service and hire knowledgeable employees.  Many have decided that it’s not worth it. 

Contact me and I can give you recommendations.  I do not take any sort of ‘kick back’ for this service.  I just believe its in the best interest of the industry and the consumer to reward honest people who have invested the time to become informed on their trade, and to not reward those who are not honest and operate purely on the ‘caveat emptor’ philosophy. 


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