The transformers (the big iron things that stick out of the amp) are the most expensive parts on your amp.  They have a big affect on the sound of your amp as well, maybe more than any other part. 

Replacement is sometimes necessary if the transformer was damaged.  This can occur because some other part blew (old tube, filter cap, etc) and took the transformer with it.  It can also occur if you don’t use the right cable (speaker cables and instrument cables are NOT interchangeable, do so at your amplifier’s peril!), mismatched the impedance load (Marshall set to 16 ohm impedance cranked through a 4 ohm cabinet), or you forgot to plug the speaker cable into the back of the amp.  OOPS!

You may also want to improve the sound and/or reliability of your amplifier by upgrading your transformers.  Using a better output transformer can make a big difference in sound and touch responsiveness.  I do this to a number of amps I own and have for personal use, purely as a tonal upgrade.

I carry Mercury Magnetics Transformers, which are the best, not cheap but worth it.  I also carry Hammond transformers, which are excellent transformers as well.  I can arrange to have your vintage transformer re-wound, though in those cases I’d recommend holding on to it and only getting a re-wind if you are selling it and the vintage value is an issue.  This is because there is almost certainly a Mercury that will make the amp sound better than the original, and its cheaper to buy a new, better Mercury than get the vintage one rewound. 


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