Have an electric guitar you like but wish you could get new or different sounds? 

Pickup replacement can take a guitar from being an Ebay victim to being a treasured possession.  Nothing else you can do will affect the tone of your guitar more than changing pickups.  I’ve owned and tested most of the pickups by major manufacturers and quite a few from boutique manufacturers, and I can give you a good idea what will work for you based on where you are at and where you want to be (see tone consultations). 

I can do everything from simple drop in replacement to adding push/pull switches, toggle switches, exotic wiring, etc.  Get 3 different sounds from a 4 conductor humbucker, enabling some single coil tones from your 2 humbucker axe. 

Get up to 9 different sounds from a standard 3 single coil guitar, including a fat Brian May type bridge tone that crosses the boundary between humbucker and single coil.  That’s how I wire mine, its amazing how many tones you can get! 

Have a 24 fret Hum-Single-Hum guitar and you’re trying to get more Leo Fender-type sounds but those “in between” switch positions don’t sound right?   That happens because the pickups are too close together due to the shortened space between the bridge and neck.  There are wiring options that will give you better tones for those positions. 

These days guitars come with tone capacitors that are almost always .022uf (most common) or .047uf.  But is that the right tone for you?  People are paying big bucks for boutique caps that make no difference in sound vs. a decent poly cap, and very little difference compared to a ceramic cap.  Changing the VALUE of the cap, instead of the name on the label,  makes a huge difference in sound.  Make your tone control usable!  Talk to me about options for different sounds. 


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